Although I am not currently offering these groups,
there may be similar offerings in the future.
Contact me if you would like to be kept informed. 

“Everybody is talented, original,
and has something important to say.”

~ Brenda Ueland

Writing has been an essential part of my entire life and became vital to my own healing process when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2015.

In the Fall of 2016, I created and facilitated the first-ever in Sonoma County Writing Group for Women with Breast Cancer. The group was a place for women at all writing levels to: give and receive support, share resources and information, and decrease the sense of isolation that comes with a cancer diagnosis. There was a focus throughout the eight weeks on deepening one’s capacity for self awareness, reflection and mindfulness; all of which have been shown to be essential in the mind, body and spirit healing process. Additionally, the participants learned how to identify and express the many, sometimes confusing, and often conflicting emotions related to coping with breast cancer. Each session included time for grounding and meditation, an inspirational reading, and offered writing prompts focused on different dimensions of coping with breast cancer, from diagnosis, treatment, relationships, self image, sexuality and many other issues. There was also time for writing and sharing one’s writing.

The writing practices helped the women learn how to write in ways that free their inner critic, increase confidence and utilize writing as an effective coping strategy. We also focused on learning methods to develop and maintain an ongoing writing practice.

The North Bay Cancer Alliance very generously provided funding so that all the participants were able to attend at no cost. While they are not able to continue to do so, I plan to continue to offer these groups at a low fee, so watch this space for upcoming dates.

To receive additional information regarding future offerings of this Writing Group and/or a Retreat for Women with Breast Cancer that is in the works, please contact me by telephone at 707-773-7755 or  fill out the information below:

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