“Christina spoke to about 100 today at ReCAMFT (Redwood Empire Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists) in Santa Rosa. One of the biggest meetings they have hosted with people coming from as far as Contra Costa County and Marin County. Both she and Jim (co-presenter) were heartfelt, informative, grounded and very well received. I left feeling inspired. ~ Felicia Matto-Shepard, MFT, Petaluma, CA

“Christina gifted 42 people with a soulful performance of scenes from her life this evening … the honesty, poignancy, passion  longing, vulnerability, humor … that is life ‘came to life’ for all gathered. Blessings, dear Christina and thank you for the integrity and truth you long for in yourself and now lovingly share with a wider circle through your performance art.” ~ Mary Keelty, Petaluma, CA

“Christina’s performance was absolutely outstanding! Every person, male and female, should see this fabulous, insightful and wonderful show. It’s educational, enlightening and moving; an eye-opener, heartbreaker and life-changing experience. Christina does a fabulous job and Moj-San was the most magical and mystical venue. Do yourself a favor and go see it on October 1.” ~ Jude Mion, Petaluma, CA

“How can I put into words what transpired last night? Calling it a show or a performance doesn’t seem right at all. A beautiful and open heart that brilliantly gave itself freely for anyone open to accept it. A richly-lived life, torn open and apart, thoroughly examined. A Phoenix rising from the fire, restructuring with grace and dignity, before all of us. Emotionally and intellectually inspiring in so many ways. Jude couldn’t have said it better: “everyone should see this.” ~ Jon Eric Evans, Forestville, CA

“Christina Ingenito’s performance will break your heart wide open. She shares her most vulnerable life experiences from the deepest place inside her heart and body and soul. She gives voice to that deep place and embodies the truth of her life story so we can feel and hear and honor it, not as witnesses but as participants. And so, all of us, are profoundly changed. Thank you Thank you Thank you!” ~ BethAnn McIntosh-King, Guerneville, CA

“Wow! What an amazing performance. I was touched by many aspects of Christina’s show – the movement from why me, I am not that, to full re-energized me who creates a writing group for women who need to share and be heard. The nightmare of being deserted in the face of illness. The repeated line “I notice”. That’s such a beautiful part of the piece. And to think she did all that in the course of less than a single year. Truly inspiring. What I am most grateful for is seeing her so full of life, with boundless talent. No stopping her now.” ~ Morgan Hewitt, Sonoma, CA

“Patti and I went to last night’s show! There aren’t enough adjectives to describe how Christina Ingenito’s performance made you feel. She belongs on Broadway! All I can say is I knew her when …”  ~ Mary Jane Anderson-Andes, Nesconset, NY

“Another great performance!! Christina is a force of nature! Her uninhibited self is an inspiration to us all! And as always the dancing and music were infectious!” ~ Jeanne Piper, Santa Rosa, CA

I have been absorbed with memories and thoughts about your show on Monday. There were tender and poignant moments coupled with your wonderful sense of humor, ability to create tension and then release it, and your beautiful prose at the end.  You have created a gift by giving voice to an experience that many share and others fear. Well done.” ~ Judy Ryder, Sebastopol, CA