Life is about relationships. As a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), I specialize in helping people with relational issues, which includes relationship to self, loved ones, the community, and world in which we live. I see psychotherapy as a process of compassionate inquiry which can deepen one’s self awareness to be able to improve those relationships, thus offering greater capacity for ease, joy and freedom; and I see the therapeutic relationship as a place to practice those newly-acquired skills.

I see my role as a compassionate listener and a skillful, respectful guide as we collaboratively work towards your wholeness and healing. I bring compassion, care, authentic presence, and curiosity into the therapeutic relationship; and I am committed to creating a safe, welcoming place where you can learn, grow, stretch and heal.

I work from what in psychological terms is called a “transpersonal, client-centered” approach; which means that I am here to meet you where you are, to affirm and assist you to access the solid core of your own inner authority, and to take into consideration the personal, psychological, professional, familial, cultural, spiritual and socio-economic dimensions of your life. I recognize and value many other psychotherapeutic modalities; including psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral and somatic therapies to meet each person’s unique situation and needs. I also employ and encourage the use of alternative modalities, including journaling, creative expression, breath work and nature-based healing traditions.

I recognize that the wounds and trauma of childhood and adulthood can create habits and patterns that make present-day coping very challenging. I believe that when we courageously face our fears, we can grow and change in fundamental and sustainable ways. Ultimately, I believe in and am inspired by the extraordinary resilience of the human spirit that lives in all of us, even in the face of seemingly unbearable adversity when we feel we have lost it.

Perhaps you are facing a life transition, questioning your identity, coping with a relationship challenge, grappling with career questions, grieving the death or loss of a loved one, or living with general anxiety or depression. Maybe you are caring for a loved one, coping with aging parents or facing your own life-threatening illness. Perhaps it is general malaise or lack of vitality, meaning or purpose that you are coping with.

If you are asking yourself: “Is this all there is?” or “How can I find more peace?” — it might be time to find out. You can find your true north again.

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